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  • Publicado : 20 de febrero de 2012
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The Murders in the Rue Morgue

The mental faculties are often described as analytical in themselves are unlikely to appreciate only the analysis and its results. We know that whoever has in excessis a source of the liveliest enjoyment. The results obtained product of the spirit and the absence of the method actually has the air of intuition.
The analytical loves puzzles, riddles andhieroglyphics on the solution of which exhibits a degree of sharpness, which in the eyes of the populace seems supernatural.

Educate to read and read to educate

Education, as the most understandingof these things is a natural fact, a reality that is imposed on the man before it's become a reflective and solving the great drama of reading is in the teaching of reading in the formation of thereader. The school has an obligation to teach the art of reading.
Since when? Since the contact points, such as the popular saying: "the rod and spoil" really should be, "the letter letter comes."Fledged persons, those who can already read for example: scientists, lawyers, academics, philanthropic souls should endeavor to teach what they have learned and taught.

Beware those who claim to beteachers and they can not teach reading and the first thing they do is recommend to students three or four best books of the month or the hundred-odd best of all time, why not a book about how read?.No treatment is more serious than the restoration of good learning and well-read, which is achieved in school but not by putting their skills to the student in touch with the best teachers ofreading, the teacher is the mediator between the student and text. You learn to read intelligently directed appointments and progresses gradually.

This form of integrated teaching of reading may bedifficult today, given the low level to which educators have led educators to so many poor teachers, but you have to suck whatever it takes to integral education.
The teacher in this reading, must be...