Religion in mexico

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Mexico before was colonized, had various civilization among these mayans, Aztec, Toltecs, etc. The Mayans were organized into groups and their main religious its figure wasQuetzacoatl. As their God .
In that era he can be compared with Jesus Christ, because the mayans were waiting for his arrival.

The country's history, starting from thefirst civilizations to be Maya, Aztecs and Olmecs found in the main archaeological sites.

The Olmecs were the first to thrive in regions of Veracruz and Tabasco for over 3000 years.

TheMesoamericans were well known for being advanced in the areas of science and agriculture.


With the arrival of the Spanish in Mexico, the country changes politically, socially andespecially spiritually. The main objective of the conquest was to convert the indigenous religion of the Catholic religion and wanted to civilize the natives. These days, 90% of the Mexican population isCatholic.
Before the Spanish conquest in Mexico had religions that had existed for several centuries. The Aztecs had a very advanced religious system. Their gods and priests existed in a hierarchy withQuetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca, had performed human sacrifices and religious calendars.


In 1519 Cortes arrived with five priests who not only wanted to convert the Indians,but also to instruct. Even though there was resistance to the conquerors of the part of the indigenous people, there were many reasons for the acceptance of Catholicism. One reason was many priestsfought for human rights of the indians. As Juan de Zumárraga, of whom George Grayson speaks in his book The Church in contemporary Mexico. Zumarraga was a Francis who was the bishop of Mexico City.Zumárraga had the title of "protector of the indians


Mexico is a country officially secular in which the Church and the State lead completely independently....
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