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.HW 2-3

Tec Milenio English Two
HW 2 Module 2, Unit 5       Countable/Uncountable Nouns
·         Is “junk food” bad for your health? Write a paragraph mentioning advantages and disadvantages ofeating junk food. Make sure you give your personal opinion. (About 80 words)

“You are what you eat” that is a phrase that descrives what I think about junk food. When they make this type of food theyare not thinking about the consecuenses of eating this way , they just make tastie food and food that you can eat quickly.
Mexico is in the top of the charts of fat people, because junk food isinside our culture right now and has enter badly in our chilhood.

Write The Plural Form Of These Counts Nouns.

1. Radio -------radios                       6.   Wife----wives

2.Box -----------boxes                     7.   Child----childs

3. Baby--------babies                     8.   Apple---aplles

4. Man----------man´s   9.  Foot-----feets

5. Orange -------oranges 10.  Shelf ------shelves

. HW 3 Module 2, Unit 6                    Quantifiers to speak of countable and uncountable...
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