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  • Publicado : 7 de junio de 2010
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El esclavo

The plot begins at a party in which the boy is with his girlfriend and a friend who has a good reputation and that after a while invited him to leave the party, an idea that did notseem to the bride and who were drunk , generated a discussion in which the young lady was talking to herself because her boyfriend came with his friend before getting into his car took two blue pill, thetwo friends went and from the door of the house where he was the party the bride was crying and after a few seconds as noted with anguish generated a dreadful shock.

                Days later ina hospital, a nurse with a doctor says the fate of his patient, already had several days he was in coma and had been with his eyes open and fixed.

                The boy could hear and seeeverything going on around him but no one knew, for all living dead. Time wore on and in this gloomy solitude in which he was, began to hear a voice that was to reflect and see their past, began to talk withher and several people blamed for what happened.

               I once saw a nurse to get good feelings that she said it was hopeless and that he was going to care, The days passed and she spoke,he accommodated the cushions and took leave of him tenderly, until she gave news that someone was going to visit, they finally had found.

              The people who came were his parents andafter seeing what hugged and cried for his state, he apologized inside you both for all their acts with the desire to embrace them too. Days later, a lady came to visit pregnant, to which the nurse had tostop so that it does not stick to the patient. After calming down, told him that awful night was going to say that she was pregnant and the baby was hers but not to worry because it would be with himand that when a family would recover. Months passed and one night a couple came into the room from him, the woman told the man that was the patient who had talked and that was ideal for the lady...
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