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this week and learned the use to toy Used as applied in the various prayers, also continue with the verbs in different times and order of questionsBIBLIOGRAPHY:

NOTE:I could not paste all the exercises but did most of Flash Quizzes for Español Study, those are the pages where I did, practice with the verbs, questions, and what we saw this week.

Flash Quizzesfor English Study

Activities for ESL Students has thousands of activities to help you study English as a Second Language.
This project of The Internet TESL Journal has contributions by manyteachers.


Am, Are or Is (Birol Sarigul) [M] 10 Questions
Tag Questions (Ladaporn Chaiyon) [M] 10 Questions
Prepositions (Charles Kelly) [B] 14 Questions
Prepositions 1 (Ilker Utlu) [M]12 Questions
Prepositions 2 (Ilker Utlu) [M] 15 Questions
Prepositions: Before or After (Manny Lefebvre) [M] 21 Questions
Assorted Questions: Choose the Best Answer (Vera Mello) [M] 20 QuestionsGerund or Infinitive (Kaye Mastin Mallory) [M] 15 Questions
Question Words (Cheung Lok Pui Ami) [M] 10 Questions
Question Words (Charles Kelly) [F] 55 Questions
Verbs and Pronouns (Peggy Sunvold)[M] 20 Questions
Type in the Correct Pronoun (Charles Kelly) [F] 19 Questions
Simple Past Review (Erik Tuch [M] 10 Questions
Choose the Correct Verb Form (Sheri Mercado) [M] 9 Questions
Choose theCorrect Verb Form (Cheri MacLeod) [M] 10 Questions
Choose the Correct Verb Form (Angel Fong) [M] 7 Questions
Choose the Correct Verb Form (Gazanfer Us) [M] 18 Questions
Subject Verb Agreement withPresent Tense Be Verbs (Cari Parker) [M] 12 Questions
Verb Form Quiz (Mona Al-Kahtani) [M] 10 Questions
Billy's Quiz (Blair Irwin) [M] 9 Questions
Choose the Correct Verb Form and Spelling...
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