Requirements of a portfolio - economics

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Requirements of a portfolio

Internal Assessment
* Is considered an integral part of the programme
* Enables students to demonstrate the application of their knowledge of economic theory toreal world situations.
* A portfolio consists of 4 commentaries based on extracts from published news media

-Students produce 4 commentaries of 650-750 based on publishedextracts from the news media ( newspaper, journal, from the World Wide Web, NOT from television or radio broadcasts)
- The commentaries must:
* Explain the linkages between extract and economic theorytaken from the syllabus on which commentary is based
*Demonstrate economic insights into the implications of the extract, providing evidence of student’s ability to evaluate an event from an economistpoint of view

Three out of four commentaries must have as their main focus a different section of the syllabus; nevertheless it IS acceptable for commentaries to make references todifferent sections. The remaining commentary can focus in either a single or different sections of the syllabus.

Selection of extracts
* Sources
The extracts on which the commentaries are based MUSTbe from 4 different sources. These sources must be contemporaneous to the course; therefore a student should be looking out for current events. This can include material published up to six monthsbefore the start of the course

* Individual Work
Students must select their own articles to analyse. Students can analyse the same extract with the condition that the extract was not given to theclass by the teacher, and that they don’t work together when analyzing the extract. In other words a commentary must be worked INDIVIDUALLY

* Language of the extract
Students should try to findan extract (on which commentary will be based) on the same language of the school. If extract is in another language, the student should translate the section that is being referred to in the...
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