Responsabilities the couple have in a marriage

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Responsabilities the couple have in a marriage
In a marriage, between the man and the woman, it must exist, a relation which has its bases: the fidelity, the responsibility, the respect, theaffection, the understanding, the love and a great disposition for the acceptance and the mutual pardon. Unique formula to put the foundations and to make merit to the institution of theunion that is the fundamental cell of the society.
The marriage is the essential base of the family and has as objective share a life common, the cooperation and the mutual aid. The couple sharethe responsibility and the government of the family. Jointly they must regulate the domestic subjects, provide the education with their children and prepare their future. Also, they are forcedto be respected, to keep fidelity and to aid themselves mutually. They must live in a same home unless by reasons for convenience or health so that some of the spouses or the children,justifies different residences. The husband is the main one forced to support the expenses that the family demands. The wife is forced to contribute with the family in shared common andproportional form, when she counts on own resources.
But most important, both spouses must love themselves, take care of themselves, honor themselves and protect in all circumstance and place until itseparates them to the death.
In the traditional marriages, the woman is the in charge to do housework and to take care of the children; maybe because she did not prepare professionally; andfor this reason the man is the in charge to support to all the expenses of the home and to be the fundamental part or the head of the family. But as already I said the world has changed, and nowthe rolls in a marriage also, and now each, do until the same work, reason why the responsibilities in a marriage, do not have a mold already and almost all the marriages are different.
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