ResumEn En Ingles De La pElicuLa El Cisne Negro (bLack Swan))

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The Black Swan
It was about a crazy girl. She was obsessed to be the mean character of the play The Lake of the Swans.
Nina’s mother didn’t pay enough attention. She dancedvery much her dance routine so once time she was practicing her routine and hurts her leg but she didn’t bother her and she continued dancing. The principal director or the playsaw her, and he told her. “You are going to be the mean actress in the play”. She was very excited after that she continued practicing.
One day the principal actor saw anothergirl doing her dancing routine, and he decided to change by Nina, so she went with the principal, and she wanted to be her lover, but the principal didn’t give her the mean paper.Nina felt very depressed and she decided to go with her friends to the discotheque night (joint) and she drank over. She went to her one of friend’s house, went she came backhome, she found her mother and she set her “why did you come back over drunk?” Nina answered her “it is my life”. And she closed her door in her room with her friend and they madethe love. This was a trick, in this way she couldn’t go practicing her play. That’s why the principal got angry her.
Finally Nina was the mean actress in the play as the WhiteSwan.
When she was finished the play Nina came back her room, then arrived the girl that she is the Black Swan and face to face, Nina stood and they began to fight. Nina hit herwith a mirror and she fell down but the Black Swan introduced to Nina a piece of mirror in her ribbon and the Black Swan died.
The White Swan didn’t want people to know thatBlack Swan has died and she put into the bathroom, so Nina went dancing as a Black Swan and she made perfect, in the last step in the play Nina fell down in a drawer and she died.
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