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Fly Away Home

The story is about a 14 years-old girl named Amy, who used to live with her mother until a car accident took hers mother life, a month later her father took her to live with him in a farm in Ontario, Canada. At the beginning she refuses her new life, because she didn’t see her father since she was three, besides she thought that he was weird and things like that.

Thomas Alden, her father, an artist, inventor, naturalist ,etc..
Later, Amy finds out that her father had a girlfriend, Susan, at first she treat her like treat her father, she don’t want her in her life. Some day before to go to school, she saw a few construction vehicles near the forest, and went to investigate … she found a bunch of geese eggs, she rescued them and incubated inside an old dresser withinthe barn. When she return from school goes to check the eggs and finds out that they are hatched, as Amy is the first thing they see, took her as their mom, and followed her all the time.

Thomas consults with a game warden about how to feed and care for the geese. He does not know that in Canada, one of the game warden's job responsibilities is to pinion the wings of any parent less migratorybirds so that they can’t flight. That way, there are fewer dangers and hazards for the birds themselves and others. However, as he attempts to do so with one of the goslings, Amy becomes mad and hits him with a popcorn bowl and locks herself and the goslings in the bathroom. The game warden is then thrown off by her father.
As the geese grow it becomes obvious to Thomas and Amy that the birdsmust migrate or the game warden will return to pinion their wings to keep them from ever flying. In the meantime, Thomas' brother, David tells him about land in North Carolina where a bird sanctuary is. There is a catch however: birds have not lived at the sanctuary for a long time, and developers have expressed interest in the land .
David and Thomas agree that the North Carolina land would beperfect for the geese, and Thomas proposes a plan to get the geese to follow him in an aircraft and he will fly south using an ultralight slow-moving aircraft, showing them the way to migrate. At first, his experiments to get the geese to follow him flying are not successful, it is very frustrating for all of them because the time is finishing,, as they remain on the ground with Amy.
Finally, Amyattempts to fly her father's ultralight, and the geese take off after her, because all this time she has been take care of them,and the geese always seen her as their mother. However, she ends up crashing near the fence, and to her father's immense relief, is unharmed. Tomas refuses the idea of Amy fliying again because he is worried tha something could happen to her again. Amy finally convincesher father to let her fly again. David's expertise, Thomas eventually gets a second ultralight craft and trains Amy on how to fly it.
All is going according to plan until the night before the planned launch. The game warden comes while the Alden family is out searching for the stranded goose named Igor, and takes the remaining caged geese.
Thomas, his brother, and a mutual friend, Barry make aplan to free the geese, and to launch their flight plan. The geese are freed, and Thomas and Amy, flying in their aircraft, get the geese to follow them, flying over Lake Ontario and eventually landing in the United States at the Niagara Falls International Airport by nightfall, nearly getting arrested. A news crew is alerted of the feat and Amy and her father quickly become national news.
Ontheir journey south over the U.S. eastern seaboard they are supported, encouraged, fed, and sheltered by approving citizens along the way. Plus, the harrowing adventures of dodging hunters, & the flight from fog, around the tall buildings in downtown Baltimore.
It is only a matter of time at the bird sanctuary location. A huge crowd of supporters have assembled and they halt the construction crew,...
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