Resumen the whitered arm

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The withered arm

The withered arm is a history about a woman called Rhoda Brook who one day hurt a girl in a dream; when she was young Rhoda was a handsome girl. In the pastshe used to have a relationship with farmer Lodge as a result they had a son. Farmer Lodge is an old man who owns a big dairy farm; one day he brings home his new wife her name was Gertrude.Gertrude was a beautiful young woman with a pink and white face, with blue eyes and a red pretty mouth she is Farmer Lodge´s wife.
Rhoda Brook was a sad milkmaid who never got married she felt in love withthe farmer Lodge. One day Gertrude a pretty young woman arrived in the town she was Farmer Lodge new wife, Rhoda feels very sad, she want to know who is that girl and if she is more pretty than her,she send his son to investigate how pretty she was. One night Rhoda had a nightmare about her hurting Gertrude´s arm after that she wake up screaming in her bed, at the next Gertrude arrived to RhodaBrook´s house to give a pair of boots to her son, Rhoda felt ashamed because the young woman was innocent and doesn´t want any trouble, she thank her quietly. Two weeks later Mrs. Lodge came toRhoda´s cottage, she looks very pale and Rhoda ask if she was well but Gertrude uncover her arm and reveal four dark marks in it, Rhoda stared at the marks in the arm, she ask to herself if that was the armthat she had seen in her dream and if those marks were made by her fingers. She feels sad with the poor girl because she hurt it. Since that day Gertrude arm became darker and painful, Farmer Lodgesays that a witch held her and withered her arm those marks make Gertrude´s Husband love her less than he did before. The doctors can´t do anything and the people tell her that there was a cleaver manon Egdon Heath he might know the reason for these marks and to cure them, people said that he had strange powers. Gertrude said that her arm was getting more and more painful she asks to Rhoda for...
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