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Dickens' Secret Affair

Summary (150 to 300 words)
In 1953, Claire Tomalin was studying English literature atCambridge, she found to a figure named Ellen Ternan, a stage actress of minor reputation. She was a mercenary, who made Dickens’ kids unhappy.Three decades later, Tomalin, then literaryeditor of the Sunday Times, mentioned her interest in Ternan to David Parker, curator of the Dickens Museum in London.He encouraged her to write Ternan’s biography.Ternan met Dickens in1857, when she, her mother and sisters were actors in a play he was producing. Dickens purchased a house for her near London, where he visited her secretly. Dickens and Ternan apparentlydestroyed all correspondence between them, there was plenty of material, including details about Ternan in missives by Dickens’ children. Six years after Dickens’ death, Ternan marrieda clergyman 12 years her junior; they had two children, neither of whom learned of the relationship with Dickens until long after their mother’s death. |

Personal Opinion (Min.50 words for 150-word summaries | Min. 100 words for 300-word summaries)
My personal opinion is: Ternam should not have been living with a married man who had a family, theconsequences of that act was a broken family, and unhappy children; and also I think she was too young for dickens, is a big age difference. |-------------------------------------------------

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