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Here’s a simple outline:

¶ 1. An opening paragraph which contains Who, What, Where, When, Thesis, Argument 1, Argument 2.

¶ 2. Argument 1, Referent, Referent.

¶ 3.Argument 2, Referent, Referent.

¶ 4. Concluding paragraph : state again, briefly, the Thesis, Argument 1, Argument 2.

Before you write, however, fill in the following form, COMPLETELY. Ifyou can be satisfied with an 80 at the most (you could make less), you can JUST HAND IN THE COMPLETED FORM BELOW. If you wish to be considered for a higher grade, use the form as a guide to write yourpaper. In either case, this form must be handed in whether you submit a paper or not.

Please PRINT your answers on the form. If you write cursively, it had better be legible. AN UNREADABLEANSWER IS A WRONG ANSWER. You may type your answers. If you choose to write a paper, please use standard college formatting: 800 – 1000 words. Please use proper Canadian or English Standard grammar andpunctuation, and all of the following requirements. Use Times New Roman, Arial, or Helvetica fonts, 12 point type, double spaced, on clean, new paper, STAPLED. Spelling should be close enough to beunderstood – the responsibility of the student (ex: no “there” for “their” nor “texting” spellings “OMG!”).

No Work Will Be Accepted Un-Stapled!


The Front Stuff:

Nameof the Play: Our Town
Playwright: Thorton Wilder
Players group Name
(if any, or “none”):

Where viewed:
What Date: Friday 1st, October
What Time: 8:00 PM
Director: Rich Robinson
Actorsand Characters - from dominant to minor -
There may be more spaces than actors. If there are more actors than spaces, that’s their loss:

Character: stage manager Actor: Ahsha DanielsCharacter: Dr. Gibbs Actor: Ben stickles
Character: Joe Crowell Actor: Sam koft
Character: Howie Newsome Actor: Sharone scott
Character: Mrs. Gibbs Actor: Ashley...
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