Rhea y katniss

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Dearest Rhea:
It has been only a few days since we last talked. I never got a chance to tell you how grateful I am of you Rhea. You were the one who gave me the news of my pregnancy…not even I wasaware of the changes going on in my own body. Every day I feel them growing inside me. It feels like very day that goes by a miracle is happening in me.
Things have not been easy either. Thisstruggle between the Aruans and the Defenders has gotten way out of hand, now it is either “adapt or die”. I am scared senseless thinking that all of us are at risk of being murdered…and Rhea, it kills me. Ican’t even slip a glance at you because I’m afraid you’d be killed right there.
I miss you Rhea. Even though we only got to know each other in a short period of time, I have built a friendship withyou that is almost unbreakable. This war is what is keeping our friendship apart, what is destroying everything anyone has ever known.
I wish with my heart that you are okay, and that you stay outof trouble. Please promise me so…
Love and Blessings,

Dear Lovely Katniss,
I’m really sorry if I had just come and went of your life. This is how it is. This is the path I chose to helpthe Kingdom realize what they are missing. I still have God in my life, beating and breathing in me. Defenders are doing things so wrong, they can’t even handle at peace the Aruans or manage themwisely. Don’t about me, you be careful. You carry hope in you.
Just stay away, Katniss. Please don’t be near us, I beg. It’s funny, that how I came I simply grew to care and love you. That’s thelove of Christ right there. A sister to me that you are. Don’t worry, I will be fine. The day I die let God take me in with His judgment for He knows everything not them. Nonetheless, I am fine! I haveeven been promoted to be an Aruan Captain.
My goals are slowly being achieved. I am just looking for the right thing on the wrong place. You know, finding like in darkness? Something like that,...
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