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  • Publicado : 6 de septiembre de 2012
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Name: Karla Denisse Muñoz Guzmán ID A01335308 Group 302

Quiz 1.4 (to solve at home) DUE DATE: Tuesday the 4th of September

Instructions: Answer each of the following questions. Pleaseuse both sides of blank paper sheets or second-use paper (recycled paper is also blank paper, so please use both sides). If you use more than one sheet, please use a staple instead of a paperclip. Donot use red ink. I’ll take 5 points from your grade for each instruction that you don’t follow. HOMEWORK MUST BE TYPED. Copy-pasted information from classmates or internet/textbook sources will causethe invalidation of the grade.
This homework is individual.

Read Martin Bonfil’s blog “La Ciencia por Gusto: Memes” (the information on his blog is periodically published in Milenio Diario)http://lacienciaporgusto.blogspot.mx/2012/08/memes.html and answer each of the following questions:

1. Carry out a research about Richard Dawkins and write down a small biography of him. Do not usemore than 250 words.
2. Carry out some research and explain with your own words what a meme is. Do not use more than 100 words.
3. Go tohttp://www.arvindguptatoys.com/arvindgupta/selfishgene-dowkins.pdf
4. and read pages 189-201. Explain, with your own words, how is that cultural baggage compares with genes in science.
5. Give an example of a cultural meme that has been spreadingout until getting to you.
6. Write down all references you consulted (yes, you must include Bonfil’s and Dawkin’s). Use MLA format for this.

1. Richard Dawkins was born inNairobi, Kenya, in 1941, is a scientific intellectual, specializing in evolutionary biology. He won a Nobel-prize winning ethnologist Niko Tinbergen at Berkeley University of California. Dawkins is a verysuccessful writer. His first book, called “The Blind Watchmaker” was published in 1976,it was a huge success and has since been translated into 13 languages. He has won countless awards. He...
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