Roles review - site vs field engineer mgr

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Review – Roles Site Manager vs Field Engineer Manager


Author : Exforsys Inc. Published on: 5th Nov 2006 | Last Updated on: 8th Dec 2010

The Role of a Construction Manager

The following will highlight information relating to the job role of a construction manager and detail the importance of such a position.

What Is a Construction Manager?

A constructionmanager is the person who handles a construction job from start to finish. This individual will have a primary hand in planning the job as well as overseeing the project along the way. The construction manager will plan, direct and budget a construction project as well as handle any issues which arise during the job.

General Responsibilities of a Construction Manager

The construction managerhas some general responsibilities which correspond with the job role. They are the ones who help in the acquisition of land, the planning process, obtain permits, hire workers, keep tabs on the progress of the construction job and ensure that it is being completed in a correct manner. They are the go-to person for most of the parties involved with the entire project. The construction manager is alsoresponsible for handling complaints or problems along the way.

Specific Duties of a Construction Manager

A construction manager is responsible for a multitude of tasks. One specific duty which a construction manager must complete is to look over a proposed project to determine what necessary jobs need to be completed prior to beginning the project. The construction manager must review theproject in depth so that he/she thoroughly understands what will be needed along the way.

Once the project is reviewed by the construction manager, that individual must then aid in the procurement of land for the project site. The construction manager is an important part of this phase as they will know what type of land is necessary, the size which is required and so forth. It is important forthe construction manager to be part of this acquisition.

Construction managers are also responsible for hiring and supervising workers. The construction workers will be interviewed by the construction manger, hired, disciplined and even fired by that individual should it be deemed necessary. Any problems that arise with regard to the construction workers will be brought to the attention of theconstruction manager who will deal with it accordingly.

Many construction managers are also given the duty of providing a budget for the construction project. The construction manager will detail the costs that will be seen as a result of the project and determine what is in the budget and what may not be. The individual must take various factors into account such as wages and materials, toname just two of the many factors one must consider.

A construction manager must also order supplies for completing the construction project. These supplies range anywhere from nails to bulldozers. It is up to the construction manager to shop around for the least expensive yet most reliable materials all the while keeping the project budget in mind.

Some construction managers will have tohandle the contract end of construction projects. They will have to hire individuals to draft the relevant paperwork and ensure that the documents are signed by the right parties. This includes contracts with the subcontractors, architects and suppliers to name just a few.

An important duty of the contract manager is to manage the construction schedule in an effective and efficient manner. This iscrucial as any delays in the project may cause a substantial amount of money. Therefore, the construction manager must ensure that everyone involved does their utmost to stay on schedule and should issues arise it is up to the construction manager to resolve them.

Construction managers must also inspect and review the construction project on a periodic basis to ensure compliance with safety...
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