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THIS PAGE: Stan's Story- Case Summary: 2000-2001

Stan's Story- Part 1: INTRODUCTION
Stan's Story- Part 2: NEW OBJECT
Stan's Story- Part 4: MUFON REPORT
Stan's Story- Part 6: STAN'S HANDS
Stan's Story- Part 7: SKETCHES
Stan's Story- Part 8: GREEN UFO DISC
Stan's Story- Part 9: MICRO PHOTOSUpdated East Denver Silver Sphere UFO incidents
Friend, Henry Rowland's original UFO print

Many continued thanks to George Noory and for linking to this page and hosting the UFO video files on their server. Digital artistic rendition of Stan's UFO #1 above provided by Dana Augustine at Thanks Dana, great job! ©2002 Dana Augustine (another versionbelow)

All of the abilities and talents the skeptics have told you that you can't have and don't have will emerge as you realize there is more to life on Planet Earth than you learned in school. Yes, you have Unlimited Frontal-Lobes Operation. UFOs exist in more ways than one. These pages outline a recent UFO case that may begin to open up your brain to the infinite possibilites that existbeyond limited brainconventional wisdom.....
Stan Romanek UFOs, Case Summary

From December 2000 to October 2001, alone Stan Romanek has witnessed UFO's on six different occasions in the metropolitan area, and once outside the state. His sightings and other unexplainable experiences have continued into 2003.

1) In every incident, there have been multiple witnesses ranging from five toover 30 persons, over 60 witness total to date.
2) Further, on all but one occasion he has photographed the event with his video camera.

The extracted photos below are greatly superior what can be easily broadcast as web quality video. No digital enhancement or editing has been done by myself except for slightly enhanced contrast of the images.- Neil Slade

December 27, 2000The first UFO seen by Stan (actual still image above) was in the daytime at the location of Alameda and Jewel in west Denver (Lakewood). When first observed, (paraphrased here) "it was about 50 feet from Stan's car, directly above the level of power lines along the side of the road. It was keeping pace, just ahead of my moving car at about 40 miles per hour and in the air at a slight angle forward.The approximate size was that of a minivan. I slowed then stopped my car, as did other cars and their drivers observing this object. After a few moments, the object instantly "popped" to a higher height several hundred feet up, causing an intense "sonic boom" that was felt on my clothes and body. Other than this sonic "pop", the object made absolutely no sound. At this point the camera was readyto film, and the video was taken."

At least five other witnesses watched this object from the side of the road.

The object is seen from the side and slightly below (photo above). The top of the object is domed shaped, and six rotating smaller balls were along the lower edge. Stan commented that the underside of the object was the darkest black he had ever seen, as if it were a window tobeyond the object itself, a "black hole", a look into infinity. [pic]UFO #1 Video

NOTE: To the view video portions, you must have Real Player installed on your computer. If you have this, the files will automatically play. If not, download the FREE Real Player 8 Basic: FREE Real Player Notes: "Mark" (who is "going to have a friggin canary" when he sees the video) is Stan's friend who was interestedin UFOs, unlike Stan at the time who said he had no belief in UFOs whatsoever. The rushing sound on the video is the traffic on West Alameda going by, and not the sound of the UFO. By this time when the camera was ready, the UFO had already moved several hundred feet up, and was not noticed by other cars not already pulled over to the side of the road further down.

September 30, 2001...
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