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- 7th Saga Complete Game Info V1.25-
- by Dalez ( -
- Last Updated 01/06/2001 09:26 PM -


My E-Mailaddress has changed. I can now be contacted via E-mail at
I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.


I Intro
Author's Note
Background on 7th Saga
Tips before you begin
II The Walkthrough
The Gate of Earth
The Water Rune
Senseless Apprentice
The Two Towers
The WesternLand
The Final Rune
A Strange World
III The Lists
Magic Spells
Experience Chart
IV Conclusion/Credits
Other FAQs by the same author

Version History
V1.0 (7/22/99)
Initial Completion and release of FAQ.
V1.2 (8/11/2000)
Very much badlyneeded update. Yes, I have
been slacking in my updates to most of my
FAQs, and I have paid the price for it
in E-mails. :(

- Added info about that darned kid in Bone.
If your main character is Lux or Esuna,
he won't give you the Remote Control.
See the Bone section for more details...

- Fixed various small errors within the
guide, mostly in thelists.

- Added Pandam to the walkthrough


This, as you may have guessed, is the 7th Saga FAQ/Walkthrough!
Here you will (hopefully) find everything you need to know to get
through 7th Saga for the Super NES(which is no easy task). This FAQ
consists of a walkthrough, reference lists, and other tips and thingys
that will make your journey easier. So let's get started!


Note that the level recommendations and a few other things in this
walkthrough may be slightly variable due to the fact that you can play
as one of seven different characters. Since they have differentspells
and abilities, you might be able to complete a task at a lower level, or
you may have to gain an extra level or two. So keep in mind that the
levels may be off by one or two, but it really shouldn't matter all that
much. I tried to keep this walkthrough applicable to whichever character
you're using because it's a heck of a lot easier than writing 7
different walkthroughs. Just bearwith me, OK? =)

--------BACKGROUND ON THE 7TH SAGA--------

Released by Enix of America in the US in 1993, The 7th Saga was
(and still is) a game that will keep you busy, for a while. A LONG
while. It was estimated by Enix that the average person would spend no
less than 70 hours playing through the game. Where do all those game
hours come from though? Well, when youstart playing, you'll find out.
7th Saga is a VERY HARD game. It may sound like I'm exaggerating, but
you spend roughly 90% of the time gaining levels, and the thing is, it's
pretty much necessary because if you don't you won't get far at all.
The game is pretty much one big level-up (well, a lot of small level-
ups, actually), but is still remains a great RPG despite its being very
tediousat times. If you're looking for a game that'll keep you busy
for a while.... look no further.

You start by choosing one of seven characters to use on your
journey. As one of these characters, your job is to go forth and find
the seven runes scattered throughout the world of Ticondera. Once all
seven runes are gathered, the holder is said to attain unimaginable
power, enough to be the...
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