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Software Verification

SAP2000 0

FRAME – PARTIAL FIXITY END RELEASES EXAMPLE DESCRIPTION The frame object partial fixity end releases are tested inthis example. In the example a cantilever beam is subjected to a uniform load equal to twice its self weight. At the fixed end of the cantilever the frame object is assigned a partial fixity moment (My)spring and a partial fixity shear (Vz) spring. The vertical tip deflection of the cantilever is compared with independent hand calculated results. Important Note: Both bending and shear deformationsare considered in the analysis for this example. Important Note: The uniform load is applied using the gravity load feature of SAP2000. GEOMETRY, PROPERTIES AND LOADING
24' Uniform load = 2 * beamself weight Material Properties E = 4,320 k/in2 ν = 0.2 G = 1,800 k/in2 Unit weight = 0.15 k/ft3 Section Properties b = 18 in d = 30 in A = 540 in2 I = 40,500 in4 Av = 450 in2 (shear area)

Z YPartial fixity for moment and shear •Moment spring stiffness: 3,888,000 k-in/rad •Shear spring stiffness: 540 k/in X

TECHNICAL FEATURES OF SAP2000 TESTED  The partial fixity end releases in a frameelement, including  Shear partial fixity  Bending partial fixity  The application of gravity load to a frame object EXAMPLE 1-008 - 1 The documentis for study only,if any tort to your rights,please inform us,we will delete

Software Verification

SAP2000 0

RESULTS COMPARISON Independent results are handcalculated using the unit load method described on page 244 in Cook and Young 1985. Percent Difference 0%

Output Parameter Uz (cantilever tip) in COMPUTER FILE: Example 1-008 CONCLUSION


Independent -0.8036

The SAP2000 results show an exact comparison with the independent results. EXAMPLE 1-008 - 2 The document is for...
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