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  • Publicado : 8 de junio de 2011
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Hi everybody, let say my dear friends.

Well this document I hope could cover all the possible questions you may have.
Please read all this well I will not answer any email asking for somethingalready explained here or a question of how to use your calc, ok?

So for those who does not know me yet well I am Ing. Carlos A. Perez Coca from Managua, Nicaragua hoping you are ok wherever you are.This document explains the way the new BEAMXP works so please read well.

To run beamxp 5.5 you need:

1. A TI-89, TI-92+ or Voyage200 Calculator.
2. A TIConnect software to downloadthe programs and images.
3. A TI link cable (usb port better.)
4. Know how to use your calc (archive, delete, select,…,etc.)
5. A 2.05 OS version or heigher on your calculator. (press F1 onyour calc y see About.)
6. The language must be English no matter if the program is in spanish.(press MODE on your calc and select english on the language field.)
7. Place all the programs andimages on a folder called SAXPC.(first create the folder in var link press F1 and 5)
8. Archive the entire folder.(on saxpc folder press F4, F1,8 )
9. Reboot your calculator by pressing atthe same time the following keys:
[pic]for the TI-89

and [pic] for the TI-92+
and [pic] for the Voyage 200 (same for TI-92+).
10. Run it.

The reason of doing thisis because I close the programs so nobody can open or edit them. So if you try to run them without reboot your calc. an Internal Error message will be displayed.

I program using the emulatorbut believe me that I do test my programs so when someone ask me if they work on the three calcs I say YES, just do as I say.

The programs are 9xp files (TI-92+ files) but they DO work on thethree calcs OK?
The programs are 100% compatible between the TI-92+ and the voyage200, but for the TI-89 you must change the BEAMXP1.9xp for BEAMXP1.89p included here. If you TI-89 owners...
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