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Wonderware Tutorial

Creating Basic Shapes in Wonderware
Select Start/Programs/Intouch For Windows/Intouch. When the Intouch dialog box appears, select Create Directory. Name the directory C:\Intouch.16\ENT311. Press OK.

Select Window Maker (this is the icon with the pencil on it). When WindowMaker loads, select File/NewWindow. Enter the following information in the dialog box:

Nextselect Rounded Rectangle from the Toolbox. Move the cursor to position 40, 110 and hold down the left mouse button. Drag the mouse to position 250, 20 and release the left mouse button.

Now select Polygon from the Toolbox. Move the mouse to position 30, 90 and click (don’t hold) the left mouse button. Move the mouse to position 50, 90 and click the left mouse button. Finally move the mouse toposition 40, 110. At this position double click the left mouse button. This will close the polygon and fill it with a white color.

Creating a Tagname

A tagname is similar to a variable in a programming language. It is used to store information to be shared by various components of Wonderware. Select Special/Tagname Dictionary. Click NEW on the dialog box and fill in the information shown below:[pic]

Be sure to enable Data Logging. Click Done when finished.

Animating Basic Objects

Now that the tagname has been created, we can use it to animate some basic shapes. Double click on the triangular shape you created earlier. Press the Horizontal Slider button. Enter the data shown below in the dialog box:


Double click on the Rounded Rectangle.Select Percent Fill/Horizontal. Enter slider as the Tagname. Press Done.

Now press Runtime! Move the polygon left and right with the mouse. The polygon serves as a slider and the rectangle fills with a color as the polygon is moved. The tagname in the rectangle dialog box could easily be changed to, say, the timer on a programmable controller to represent the current timer state.

PlacingAnimated Text on the Screen

The value of tagname slider can be shown on the screen with Text. Select Text from the Toolbox and place it at 100, 170. Enter:

Slider = ####.##

The # indicator will be replaced with the value of a tagname at runtime. Now double click on the text. Select Value Display/Analog. Enter slider for the Expression, then press Done.

Press Runtime! The ####.## in the textarea is replaced by the slider value. Move the slider left and right and observe the effect on the text. Press Development! When finished.

Creating a Bottle Fill Operation

Draw a rounded rectangle near the center of the screen. Next draw a polygon or top of the rectangle as shown below:


Next draw a polygon on top of the rectangle as shown below. Try to match yourpolygon as close as possible to the one shown below.
Double click on the last endpoint to ensure closure. Click on the polygon to select it and press Duplicate Selection from the Toolbox. Immediately after press Flip Horizontal. Move the inverted polygon next to the original until the overall shape resembles a bottle, as shown below:

The bottle contains three shapes, a roundedrectangle and two polygons. These three shapes can be made into one object with the Make Symbol button in the Toolbox. Select the three objects with the mouse and press the Make Symbol button.

Next double click on the bottle and select Percent/Vertical. Enter slider as the Expression. Change the background color by selecting Background Color. Press Done when finished. Now change the bottle fill colorby clicking on the bottle, pressing Fill (on the Toolbox), and selecting a color.

Select Runtime! and observe the bottle fill operation. Press Development! when finished.

Controlling Visible Lines

Note the bottle has lines from the polygons and rectangle. Delete these lines by selecting Lines from the top menu and No Lines. Press Runtime! and observe the results.

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