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  • Publicado : 6 de febrero de 2012
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Isabel Arias
Professor Rodriguez
HUM 1020
October 16th, 2011
“First Love” by Conor Lovett
Last Friday I attended Conor Lovett’s performance ofSamuel Beckett’s “First Love” at Miami Dade College. He is not only an internationally acclaimed actor, but also the most appraised interpreter ofBeckett’s works. Although the play is performed only by Lovett, it didn’t fail to captivate the audience throughout the entire performance. Conor Lovettdidn’t need other actors or an scenography, just a bench and his layered clothing were sufficient to immerse us in Beckett’s world. Despite the tragicfate of the interpreted man, Lovett doesn’t forget to make us laugh with irony and dark humor.

This was actually the first play I ever attended inMiami, and I am now able to appreciate theater on a totally different level. I truly had a great time listening to Lovett’s ironic humor, but also tookinto account that I needed to pay attention in to get the best out of the incredible performance. Conor Lovett made me laugh, but he also made me relateto his tragedy and character. This play is very related to our Humanities class, especially now that we have just finished exploring Modernist Theater.First Love certainly breaks with all traditions of theater and explores a perverse theme in a very subtle manner. Lovett played with my emotions,senses, and imaginations in a way I never experienced before, and only now, after this experience, I can say I have started to understand modernist theater.
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