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  • Publicado : 23 de septiembre de 2010
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This chapter you can´t kill the rooster is about “The Rooster” (Paul Sedaris), the youngest Sedaris sibling, a man who speaks only shit. Maybe he speaks like this because he feels threatened or maybebecause he is insecure. It is known that people who feel some pressure or have a low self-esteem, speak in a very hard and raw way. Also, I think “The Rooster” is not that tough as he is, I think heacts this way for protecting himself from the rest of the people, even his father. Is not that strange that these brothers, Paul and David, are different, a lot brothers and sisters raised by the samefamily grow up with very different personalities, but their father love them in the same way. “The Rooster” seems to be the special one because is falls out of the rules with his inappropriate way ofspeaking. Also I can mention that “The Rooster” had a very different way of making people understand his ideas, if people didn’t understand his words, he made them understand by using his fist. Hisfamily always tried to help him to go on the right direction, but he was stubborn, everything has to be done on his own way, even when he was forced to enter the technical school, he dropped out threeweeks later, also his father tried to convince him to study something related to landscaping because of his genius way of mowing the lawn. Here what I think is that “The Rooster” was at lawn mowingbecause maybe with this activity he was alone and nobody dare to bother him. This is a funny story and I couldn’t stop to laugh, when Sedaris does the of his brother’s voice:
The Raleigh accent is softand beautifully cadenced, but my brother’s is a more complex hybrid, informed by his professorial relationships with marble-mouthed, deep-country work crews and his abiding love of hard-core rapmusic. He talks so fast that even his friends have a hard time understanding him. It’s like listening to a foreigner and deciphering only shit, motherfucker, bitch and the single phrase you can’t kill...
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