Seeing is learning

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  • Publicado : 14 de noviembre de 2011
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Seeing is learning

In contrast to other types of reasoning -such as numerical and verbal reasoning- visual reasoning is not something directly addressed in most education systems. This may bebecause it is already used in a variety of subjects, such as art, sports, math and music, so perhaps there seems little point in isolating it, as you would do with verbal reasoning (languages) ornumerical reasoning (math), to develop that particular mental faculty. As a result, most people never learn how to realize their full visual thinking potential. What more, some psychologist suggest that theeducation system is at fault for labeling many visually gifted children as deficient because they do not fit into a verbally geared education system.

Enrich your spatial intelligence.

Althoughyour spatial reasoning skills are called upon all the time, it is usually for tasks that you do repeatedly, such as wheeling the shopping cart trough the island of the supermarket or performing aparallel park on the familiar space of your driveway, and you tend to operate on autopilot.

In doing so, your rely on your spatial memory rather than simulate your spatial intelligence to tackle newspaces, shapes, forms or dimensions. A simple and effective way to improve your spatial intelligence is by doing a 3-D mechanical puzzle, such as Rubik’s cube. In addition, research has shown that playingvideo games has a marked effect on overall spatial awareness. For those of your who aren’t big on shoot ’em ups and racecar simulations, there are other simples ways to sharpen your spatial aptitude.Tips
* Close your eyes and perform mental rotation of familiar things that surround you such as the house you live in, the building were you work or even lark marks that you might walk pastevery day.
* Take a class in sculpture, pottery, carpentry, or even computer desing-anything that involves either calculating or manipulating things in 3-D.
* Look around you and estimate the...
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