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  • Publicado : 15 de marzo de 2011
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Adalis Montero Week 6 March 14,2011

This was a different week. Chapter 22: Additional Research Strategies wasalmost completely discussed. We began the discussion very weak so the professor gave a quiz. For sure, from now we will be more serious about reading the book. The focus of this chapter was to make thedifference between primary and secondary sources, the writing process of the research and its strategies such as: questionnaires, observations and interviews. The week was finished seeing an entertaininginterview video in You Tube. I cannot remember the name of the interviewee, but it was for us to see an example of our next homework, which we have to practice this strategies by searching or seeingan interview and listen to the question that are being made.

For the third time, I have to mention that this entire research chapter will help me for my biology project. I have learned a lotabout interviews. Who to interview a how to do it is the basic information that we have to know. For example: If you are doing a research about disease, your interviewee has to be a professionaldoctor related to your topic. It is very important to record the person, if she or he let you do it, because taking notes would probably interrupt the conversation. It would be more easy to use key words,so when you hear the record you can be prepared to understand better and begin your writing process. When it comes to the questionnaires, we cannot do a too broad question or neither limits theperson to answer. The more natural answer you get, the more effective your research would be.

I will interview a Doctor for my Immunologic System project. As you can see this will help me todevelop a great questionnaire for her. I have clues such as: do not get late in the interview, do not make question that can offend her, etc. I have examples of how to build a good question that will...
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