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Every thing about sharks:

The sharks are pitch, the sharks are aquatic vertebrate, they swim with flippers and they breath trough their gills all their live.
The sharks are famousbecause the people like their big teeth. Some kinds of sharks are very alike and for apart them, the people how investigate them have to look their teeth.
The sharks eat, each 2 or 3 days.
When thepups are born they already measure 1 metre, they swim fast and they eat the same food as the adults sharks. In many occasions the pups are born far from the males.

The tiger sharks:

The tigersharks are very big and dangerous. They kill a lot of people.
They live in hot water. The young sharks have creases very different than the tiger.
They have very strong teeth and they couple them intheir barrage.
This kind of sharks eat every thing that they find (metals, objects etc...)and they love eating slow coach.
Their overleaf is grey, their ventricle zone is white. With blots in railforms and with grey spots in the superior part of their body.
The tiger sharks are very dangerous for the human.
The tiger sharks are in danger of extinction.

The bull sharks:

The bull sharksare very, very dangerous even more dangerous than the white shark.
The bull sharks are called like that because of their rough physic and character.
They live in areas near the coast but some timesin fresh-water.
They attack human very often so the bull sharks are one of the two sharks more dangerous in the world.
They usually eat slow coach, pitch or dolphins, they also eat sharks but onlywhen they have a lot of hunger. When they eat sharks they demonstrate their ferocity and strength.
They only have two pups because the pups eat their brothers.

The hammer sharks:

The hammersharks have a big head and with the shape of a T.
Their colours help them to surprise their preys (pitch, sharks, etc...).
This sharks live alone, in pair or in a group, but specially when they are...
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