White sharks

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  • Publicado : 17 de marzo de 2011
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The great white shark is threaten by the man.

The man kills half a million of white skarks in a year in australian waters, specially for there jaws that have a price of 50,000 dollars.

Thewhite shark, fierce predador of the big sea beds that Steven Spielberg popularized with his movie "Jaws" (Shark), should be better protected of his mortal enemy: the man.

Australia and Madagascarassociated to the groups of environmental protection for that there are going to ask more measures of protection of the great white shark in the Convention on International Trade of Species of Fauna andFlora Salvajes Amenazadas (MENTION) that it meets from this Saturday in Bangkok.

In spite of his reputation of great ferocity, his population has lower so much that is afraid the extinction of thisspecies that lives in the hot waters of the planet they can manage the measure of six meters.

The big white sharks are captured for his teeth, jaws, fins and meat, also caught accidentaly, in greatnumber, in the networks of sportfishing. They pay likewise the mode of the sports fishing and the increasing pollution of the water near the coasts.

The white sharks feed of seals, and are bigconsumers of fish. A disappearance of the sharks would end in an explosion of the population of seals and an excessive consumption of fish, pernicious for the fishermen, as makes clear Steve Galster,expert of WildAid.

The sexual maturity comes between 12 and 18 year old in the females and they reproduce every two or three years, a pace lower than the marked one for the fishing.

The studiesdemonstrate that the population of white sharks also diminishes in the countries where the species are protected.

The man kills half a thousand of white sharks a year in Australian waters,essentially for his jaws, which can manage to cost 50.000 dollars.

The south of Australia has lost 94 % of white sharks between 1980 and 1990. In the australians waters do not stay any more than 10.000...
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