Sherlock holmes

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Sherlock Holmes was born around 1854-son of a country Squire, Grand-Son of the Sister of the artist Vernet.
Holmes has an Older brother-Mycroft, who also is something of a detective-assisting in a few of Holmes's cases.
Holmes-his Physical appearance.
Holmes is tall and thin-he himself claims to be 6ft tall-but his friend Watson claims he is over 6ft.
He has black hair and grey eyes, thinlips and 'a hawk-like' nose. Holmes has a strident voice.
Although Holmes has never excercised for the fun of it, he is always fit and ready for the action that takes place in the stories, and is ready to see off his attackers with either boxing or Baritsu-a form of martial art. He is also proficient at single-stick and fencing.
Holmes-the man.
Holmes stays up late and gets up just as late. He isa smoker, and when a great depression sweeps over him, he has been known unfortunately to indulge in Cocaine-injecting himself with a 7% solution. Watson has tried on many an occasion to stop Holmes from continuing with this dangerous habit-and once suspected (wrongly) that Holmes had moved on to Opium.
Holmes is scrupulously clean and is always dressed neatly-seldom wearing a Deer-Stalker cap.Holmes is known for his energetic approach to solving the cases which are presented before him by the many people, from many walks of life-from the lowest to the highest in the land, but when he is not involved in a case-he can become lethargic-and slip into the depression mentioned earlier.
Holmes is a Music lover-going to various concerts and Operas, and of course he himself is a Violinist,prefering German music.
Holmes seems to be an un-loving person at first glance- but he is not. He cares deeply about his friends and is concerned for Watson-especially when Watson's wife dies.
As for women-Holmes could never get over one in particular-Irene Adler. She would always be 'the woman' to him.
The Rewards of Detecting.
Holmes would solve these cases for a fee-except on the occasionswhere he did not charge for his services. Sometimes the rewards were very large-from £1000 for a missing item-to £12,000 in another case. Holmes also recieves a Gold snuff-box, a ring and Queen Victoria gave him an Emerald tie-pin!
Another of Holmes's specialities is his wonderful disguises-from
Groom to Priest, Clergyman to Opium smoker, all of which have been much needed to gain information or asa way to escape from the criminals.
Some of Holmes's enemies.
The Most famous of the enemies of Holmes and the decent world is of course Professor James Moriarty-a mathematical genius-with a flair for crime.
Luckily in a deadly struggle at the Reichenbach Falls in Switzerland the world was rid of this horrible man-but not his henchmen.
Colonel Sebastian-Moriarty's second in command.
CharlesAugustus Milverton-The Worst Man in London-according to Holmes. This terrible blackmailer was shot by a woman who's life he had destroyed.
Sir Grimesby Roylott- a man who tried to kill both his step-daughters by putting them in contact with a poisonous snake-but was thwarted by Holmes and killed himself by the snake.
Holmes Friends.
The most important friend of Holmes is Dr John H Watson-for itis he who writes up the experiences.
Watson is around the same age as Holmes, and is an athletic man, with a strong build and a square face, with a moustache. Watson has been married twice.
Mrs Hudson. Holmes and Watson's Landlady, Mrs Hudson is Scottish and provides a good breakfast to
the men in their Baker Street flat (221b). Mrs Hudson has a great fondness for both men, and is concernedfor their well being. Inspector Lestrade. Lestrade is a detective from Scotland Yard who relys on Holmes for some of the trickier cases he has to deal with. Holmes calls him 'the best of a bad lot'
Tobias Gregson. Another Scotland Yard man-who Holmes calls 'the smartest of the Scotland Yarders'
The rest of Holmes can only be uncovered by reading the original Books written by the wonderful Sir...
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