Sirian conflict

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4- Stages
4.1-Identify stages
We can identify just 4 stages
Latent Conflict:
The conflict is marked by the influence of the Arab Spring and the discontent of the people with the government ofBashar al Assad.
Protest and use of violence (both parties)
The conflict began with the actions (torture) of the government against some students who did an antigovernment graffiti,which triggered protest in a southern city of the country.
The conflict emerged in the moment when the Syrian security forces attacked and killed some of the protestors with the intention of show themilitary power.
The parties have started to use more tactics (Terrorist attacks, massacres, indiscriminate use of bombs). The conflict has involved more parties (InternationalCommunity) and the parties have become bigger (The opposition to the regimen has received back up from different countries).
Both parties are trying to win the conflict.
-The government is tryingto reduce the anti-government groups.
-The anti-government groups are trying to revoke the regimen.
Both parties don't want to back down or accept loss.
4.2- Escalated form?
The Syrian conflicthas reached a escalate form because has moved from some protest to violent events around the country, involving more tactics, people, parties and governments.
The enlargement of actionsThe opposition moved from protest to use of violence.
The government initially uses the violence to reduce the protestor

Increase of the complaints between parties.
Syrian sideThe international community is “arming” the opposition.
The rebels are being trained by different armies.
Opposition side
Russia is providing arms to the Syrian government.
Iran is helping theSyrian government .
Specific- General
Doing well-Wining-Hurting other
The competition between parties to win the war
The Syrian government trying to reduce the opposition and the opposition...
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