Situcion de guniea ecuatorial.

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African Refugees Solidarity Committee (ARSC)Human Rights CommitteeProposed Work Plan forHuman Rights·    Human Right watch·    UN Human Rights Reports (example: UNIFEM)·    Other similar reportsWeek1: Jan. 25 -291.    Review by S. Karate in the ARSC country reports:·    Equatorial Guinea·    Rwanda·    Democratic Republic of Congo·    Mauritania2.  Request AI documents from AI countryspecialists for documentsrelated to ARSC HR documents.3.  Research HR documents from four sources (see below)Week 2: Jan. 26 - 304.  Study and take notes on HR documents on country conditions orviolations ofrights documented for the time period specified with the ARSC documents from:·    Amnesty International·    Human Right watch·    UN Human Rights Reports (example: UNIFEM)·    Other similar reports5.Document in note form HR reports’ claims for similarity or divergence from reports in    the ARSC documents.Week 3: Feb. 1-56.  Review and list key HR covenants / documents that can be used to validateclaims vis a vis particular articles that constitute human rights for each ARSC document.7.  Analyze ARSC documents in light of identified trends of country level or regional HR violations culled fromthe other reports.  Highlight those reported in ARSC documents that constitute best claims of  HR violations. Return to authors for revisions.Week 4: Feb. 8-118. Instruct the authors of ARSCdocuments about steps to improve their documents to conform with 1) reporting standards given by B. Gentry from UNA-SA and the Monitoring and Reporting Human Rights Violations, A Handbook for CommunityActivistsUtilize extant check lists and form to make written suggestions for:·    improving sourcing·    best case claims·    formatting·    reference relevant HR documentsWeek 4: Feb. 15-199. Instruct theauthors of ARSC documents about steps to improve their claims to conform with articles from covenants that constitute HR violations and how to document such references.Week 5:  Feb. 22-2610. If all...