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  • Publicado : 23 de febrero de 2012
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Somnambulism: Living A Dream
It is half-past eleven at night and two hours ago little Andres, an eight-year boy, sleeps, like most in his house. When his mother is also about to lie down, shewants to make sure that the two children including Andres are sleeping well. After entering the room she is overwhelmed and stunned by the scene that she is seeing. Andres is unconscious, walkingaround the room, dressed with his shirt and pants on his pajamas. Calmly, she undresses her son and puts him back in bed, while thinking that this is the third time the event occurred so far in the samemonth. The next morning during breakfast, mother and son discuss the incident with laughter and jokes. Although he is only eight, he knows that, like many other children, he presents episodessomnambulism; better known as sleepwalking, a disorder which many people have to fight with, especially children and it is not exempt from considerable danger.
This occurs because while people aresleeping, they experience different kinds of sleep. There are two kinds of sleep: the deep, quiet sleep and active sleep. Maybe it makes sense that the somnambulism occurs during the active sleep, whichmeans the kind of sleep in which we dream; but a person is not physically active during this stage. Surprisingly, it occurs during the very first hours of sleep or the deep, quiet sleep.Somnambulists, or sleepwalkers, have a sort of physical activity while sleeping. This could include simply sitting up on the bed, walking around the house, moving furniture, getting dressed or undressedand/or more complex activities such as driving a car. All these activities are performed as if the person were awake. They have open eyes but their pupils are really dilated; they can speak but it isimpossible to understand. Nothing makes sense.
Fortunally, for most people these episodes can be very brief, only for a few seconds or minutes, but others could have it for more than thirty...
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