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@RISK for Excel ReadMe
Version 5.5.1
January 2010
Palisade Corporation
All Rights Reserved

About This Product
Release Notes
System Requirements
Technical Support Information
Software Activation/License Transfer
Student Version Information

About This Product

@RISK 5.5 is the industry-standard Monte Carlo simulation add-in for Microsoft Excel 2000 orhigher. For a version history of the @RISK for Excel application, please see the Version History.rtf file in the \Documentation\English subdirectory of the main @RISK program directory.

Release Notes

Installing @RISK 5.5 as an upgrade to @RISK 5.0.x
If you install @RISK 5.5 as an upgrade to an already installed version of @RISK 5.0.x, you must have a current software maintenance agreementwith Palisade Corporation. If you do not have a current maintenance agreement the upgrade will be registered as a 30-day trial version of the software. Contact your Palisade sales representative to purchase or check the status of your software maintenance .
NOTE: To return to @RISK 5.0.x after having installed @RISK 5.5, you will need to uninstall @RISK 5.5 and reinstall @RISK 5.0.x.

InstallingSide-by-Side with @RISK 4.5:
@RISK 5.5 and @RISK 4.5 may be installed on the same computer. The two products, however, cannot be running simultanenously on a single machine, even on two different copies of Excel.
NOTE: @RISK 5.5 is an update to @RISK 5.0 and not an entirely new version. Thus, it is not possible to have @RISK 5.0 and @RISK 5.5 simultaneously installed on the same machine.File Compatibility:
@RISK 5.5 can perform simulations on all spreadsheet models created with any earlier version of @RISK. However, if you make use of any @RISK functions that are new to version 5.5, you will not be able to use these models in earlier versions of @RISK. At the current time, @RISK 4.5/4.0 simulation (.RSK) files and @RISK 3.5 (.SIM) simulation files can not be opened in @RISK 5.0and above. Simulation (.RK5) files created by @RISK 5.5 can not be read by previous versions of @RISK.

Compatibility with Excel 2007:
@RISK 5.5 is completely compatible with Excel 2007. However, we highly recommend you upgrade Excel 2007 to the latest service releases available from Microsoft. The original release of Excel 2007 is significantly slower than its later service releases.Unlocalized Files:
The Six-Sigma help file and manual have not been translated into non-English languages.

System Requirements

Access Privileges:
To run this installer, you must have local administrative rights. After you install the program, no special permissions are required to run the program.

Operating Systems:
@RISK 5.5 for Excel requires Windows 2000 SP4, Windows XP, or later.@RISK 5.5 for Excel will not run under Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT 4.0, Windows NT 3.5.1, or Windows 3.1. @RISK 5.5 for Excel will not run on the OS/2, Macintosh, or UNIX platforms.

You must have an installed copy of Microsoft Excel 2000 or higher. @RISK for Excel will not run with Microsoft Excel 97 or earlier. @RISK is not compatible with non-Microsoftspreadsheet packages such as Lotus 1-2-3.

Help Files:
Palisade help files are in Microsoft HTML-Help format. Microsoft requires you to have Internet Explorer 4.0 or later installed on your machine to view this file, although you are not required to specify Internet Explorer as your default browser.

Online Manuals:
To view Palisade's online manuals, you must have version 4.0 or higher of AdobeAcrobat Reader installed on your machine. Adobe Acrobat Reader is available without charge from

System Applications:
@RISK 5.5 for Excel requires the installation of the following Microsoft system applications, which are installed along with the @RISK 5.5 for Excel application if not found on the installation system. They will be seen in the add/remove programs following...
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