Social work

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  • Publicado : 18 de mayo de 2011
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Social Work.

Social Work's career interests me greatly, because I think it's going according to my person, as to what the work I want to do when you have a job. No I just like what is done, butalso to whom they are addressed, I think it's a career that can lead to improving life in our community for all the problems that have happened in recent years as the future of a population, I think isin the hands of a woman in a family are the ones that we provide children with the most education, and in their hands is to give them a good education for the day am not a criminal but, better be goodpeople, that is what our country really needs.

In this race you are preparing to offer any moral support to all those who have family problems, the preparation you are inviting places where thereare serious social problems, and in places where there are small towns where the government does not provide great support, social workers are responsible for going to all the places where thisassistance is required, give talks, youth, adults, ladies, to all people, to raise awareness and manage to have a better community,

I have an aunt who is a social worker at my last vacation, I went withher to work, and saw all the work them up, we visited places in Santiago, Nuevo León, as libraries, such as DIF, schools, and sawas a social worker comes and gives talks to people who want to heargood things, as in many of these places, the mentality of all people is that men rule, and many people, mainly women and children, as they are mistreated.

The point that interested me most about therace is able to offer help to women and children who suffer from some type of violence, I would like the main message is: people are worth much and do not deserve to suffer any kind of abuse, whichalso appear in person have been battered fare to provide psychological support

The place is I like to work at the State Institute of Women, in this work to the workers they send a team, the team...
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