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1. I think that the 9-11 was a terrible day, because that day many innocent people died, I believe that terrorist were people inhuman and they had not heart, becauseanybody ever should decide on the lives of others people.

On September eleventh, 2001 the world suffered many changes, changes in the economy, in the security, in the environmental, in the society...In conclusion I will never understand ¿why? The group terrorist did something; where many children, men and women died unfairly and without any reason.

The 9 September of 2001 I was studying inschool, i was in the fourth grade, I was nine years old, I knew about the news because my mom was giving me the lunch at the school and she told me about that happened that morning.

2. Grammaractivity 1------ modal verbs of probability: past
Choose the correct answers
1 He looks very tired. He must have been working very hard.
2 He was standing right next to you. You must have seen him.3 He was here a moment ago. He can't have gone far.
4 I can't find my glasses. I must have left them somewhere.
5 She ran straight in front of the car. She can't have seen it coming.
6 He went toSiberia on holiday. It must have been very cold.

Grammar activity 1-------- modal verbs of probability: present
Match the statements. Type the letter in the box
1 C They've got four houses.A She might be ill.
2 F You're driving too fast. B She can't be over 30.
3 B She looks so young. C They must be rich.
4 EThey're always together. D That can't be true!
5 A She's gone very pale. E They must be good friends.
6 D He said he earns over a million. F You could havean accident

Grammar activity 2
Fill in the correct form (pronoun+verb)

| Present perfect simple | Present perfect progressive |
I / speak | I have spoken | I have been speaking |...
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