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Sore throat ___ the flu _1_ stomach ache ___ toothache ___ headache ____
* Now match the advice with the illness
* Go to workbook exercises 1 and 2 for furtherpractice (page 34)

4 Speaking

a) In pairs take turns asking for and giving advice about common illnesses. Toy can use some of the expression from the box.

Asking for advicegiving advice
I have a … what should I do? You should
What do you think I should do for a…? I think you should…
I feel terrible. What do you suggest I do? You (definitely)shouldn´t…
I don´t think you should…
I suggest that you…

b) Share you advice with the class and see who has the best advice.

4 Reading

a) Read the articleabout antibiotics and answer the questions.
1 why do we now need to use stronger antibiotics than before?
2 what kind of infection do antibiotics have no effect on?
3 why should you alwayscomplete a course of antibiotics?
4 what two effects can alcohol have when taking antibiotics?
In biology, an antibiotic is a chemical produced by a living or synthetic derivative of itkills at low concentrations, because of their bactericidal action, or prevents its growth-by-bacteriostatic action of certain kinds of sensitive organisms, and that its effect, is used inhuman medicine, animal or horticulture to treat an infection caused by these germs. Usually an antibiotic is an agent harmless to the host, but occasionally it may an adverse reaction tomedication or may affect the body's normal bacterial flora. It is expected that the toxicity of antibiotics is superior to the invading organisms to animals or humans that host.

b) Inpairs summarize all the advice that the article gives abut antibiotics
c) In small groups, research a common drug/medicine and make a short report about in for the rest of the class
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