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  • Publicado : 30 de mayo de 2011
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I’m going to talk about my last summer.
In my last summer I went to my village, Puerto Hurraco. Puerto Hurraco is in Extremadura in Badajoz community. Is very small so ithas one hundred and thirteen habitants. There is a bus station, but the bus only pass at eight o’clock in the morning every day, the name of the main street is Carrera.There is an old well, and now the people call it the frog fountain. There is a football field too.
I have got many friends there, and I’m going to talk about some. I didmany things last summer, we went to a swamp to celebrate a birthday, it was very hot, but I only wet with some bottles, because in the swamp there were many big fish. I wentto the swimming pool and I also spend the night outside in the village fair.
This is Leticia, Sergio’s sister, she has got brown hair and green eyes, she is eighteen andis very beautiful, and her birthday is 7 of December. Here appear Miriam, Lidia and Leticia too, they are sisters. Miriam and Lidia have got brown hair too, Miriam is twentysix and her birthday is 8 of October, she has medical studies, and Lidia is twenty two and her birthday is seventeen of December, she has got business studies. But my bestfriends there, are Isa, Eli and Cristy. Isa is fifteen and her hair is blond and smooth, her eyes are green and her birthday is twenty three of April. Eli is fourteen andher hair is brown and wavy, her eyes are green and her birthday is seven of January, she lives in Vitoria. And finally, Cristy is nineteen, her hair is black and her eyesbrown, her birthday is seventeen of July, she is from Puerto Hurraco, but she is studying physiotherapist in Madrid, so she lives there. My last summer was the best.
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