Stage ii

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  • Publicado : 3 de marzo de 2011
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Stage II: Childhood (25 months – 11 years)

R.V is a 3 year old female. She has a normal physical growth according to what thebook says. She loves to play with children that their own age. She is very independent, also loves to call the attention of children,she prefers to be playing more with boys than with girls. One of the answers that I have is that she has grown alongside a child whois her cousin. R.V at this age loves to paint her nails, fix her hair, wear makeup, and used high heels. Also at this time, wherevershe goes takes a doll to which it is called “Gigi”. Despite the fact that their development is generally good, at this age she has nowords half of the book says she should say. If a person talked to her, she answers but in her own way, for example, everything forher is called “titi”. She has a word to answer each one of the things that people ask. In the book there is an option that says thatnot having a wide vocabulary could be due to violence, and what if I know that is a happy girl, and that her family has no suchproblems. In this observation the only problem I see is that she lacks a broad vocabulary, despite the fact that sees many movies. Shedoesn’t care if people call the thing by their name. She just does not want or do not feel the desire to call things by their name.
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