Strategic management

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Business and strategic management.
Business ethics can be defined as principles of conductor whitin organizations that guide decisions making and behavior. Good business ethics is a prerequisite forgood strategic management; good ethics is just good business.

The E-Commerce perspective focuses on business ethics issues related to the internet. A code ethics can be viewed as a publicrelations gimmick, a set of platitudes, or window dressing. To ensure that the code is read, understood, believed, and remembered, organizations need to conduct periodic ethics workshops to sensitize peopleto workplace circumstances in which ethics issues may arise.
Strategists are responsible for developing, communicating, and enforcing the code of business ethics for their organizations. Althoughprimary responsibility for ensuring ethical behavior rests with a firm’s strategist, an integral part of responsibility of all managers is to provide ethics leadership by constant example anddemonstration.

Comparing business and military strategy.
A fundamental difference between military and business strategy is that business strategy is formulated, implemented, and evaluated with anassumption of competition, whereas military strategy is based on an assumption of conflict.

The nature global competition
Organizations that conduct business operations across national borders are calledinternational firms or multinational corporations. The term parent company refers to a firm investing in international operations, while host country in the country where that business conducted.
Moretime and effort are required to identify and evaluate external trends and events in multinational corporations, than in domestic corporations. Geographical distance, cultural and nationaldifferences, and variations in business practices often make communication between domestic headquarters and overseas operations difficult. Strategy implementation can be more difficult because different...
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