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If I were asked by my manager, what strategy do you have in order to put our telecommunications business in a rapid growth way of success? My answer in the first glance, could be as simple asapplying the definition of strategy given by Porter. I would say: Just do something different that our competitor does not do, just choose a different set of activities to deliver a unique mix of value forthis product.1 However, this answer would be vague. To truly put a good strategy, much more analysis has to be applied.
As an Electronics Engineer and had worked for many years in thetelecommunications area, has gave an experience and the chance to know many strategies that companies have applied, and what in my opinion are a really good and what are not.
For many years Telecommcompanies, especially the big ones, made a lot of money just focusing its efforts on the creation of new technologies, and although this is well focused, it is not enough. Advanced technology or innovationsare not by themselves enough to make an industry structurally attractive (or unattractive).2 With the rapid change of technologies, as soon as the company has been positioned, another has applied a newconcept, or has copied it in a better way. Companies have been forced to implement new strategies, this commitment must also address the creation of new segments less exposed to competition, throughthe convergence of technologies and focusing on product quality. In the same way the application of programs such as TQM, time-based competition, and benchmarking, has changed how they performactivities in order to eliminate inefficiencies, improve customer satisfaction, and achieve best practice.3

Strategies are not just to see what product or service a Company can sell to their customers; ithas to be linked in how the demand is going and how it can offer fast, affordable and better than competition. The success of a strategy depends on doing many things well-not just a few and...
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