Structure of a newspaper

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Cover: Trafficking to the attention of the reader, showing a selection of articles on the major events of the day, which are sold inside the newspaper. It is also theiridentity card, because it includes their most significant data and presents the following graphic, typographic and design elements:

Head or set of identifiers of the newspaper, which occupies thetop cover band. It consists of:

Header: name of the newspaper, which is usually a reflection of the area to which it refers.

Logo: drawing that it identifies it.

Credits: space head destinedfor the Publisher or the own newspaper data (address, telephone, fax...).

The date of the copy.

Years has been published (written with Roman numerals).

Number of the copy.


Therest of data are included on the inside of the newspaper or on the back cover.

Window: it is a call to inside pages, with graphic elements.

Main news. It occupies the Center or the upper half ofthe page and you can present two variants:

Call: when the text summarizes the information that refers to inside pages.

Boot: when the text is not a summary, but the beginning of theinformation that is still inside.

Other news: lie in the margins or on the bottom.

Pass: reference to the page is where you will find the information presented.

Columns: Are each one of the partsinto which the text is vertically divided of the newspaper with the intention to make it easier to read.

Corondel: vertical line that separates columns (when what separates them is a "corridor"white speaks of "blind corondel").

Box: resource design to highlight information.
Bar: box drawings light horizontal it is often used to separate owners of several pieces of information.

Fillet:horizontal, thicker black line to the bar.

Photography: often accompany the important news.

Position caption: consists of headline and text, and the owner and the first part of the text occupy...
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