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  • Publicado : 1 de junio de 2011
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A rose without a thorn

Every once in a while, a product comes along that outperforms its competitors. Sucralose is that kind of product. As the only no-calorie sweetener to be made from sugar,sucralose has a clean, sugar-like taste and is 600 times sweeter than sugar on average. Safety studies have demonstrated clearly that sucralose is safe. Moreover, it is suitable for diabetics,

peoplewith impaired glucose intolerance, pregnant women and children. But sucralose has even more to o er. This readily-soluble sweetener is non-cariogenic, shelf and process stable, and synergistic withfructose and corn syrups too. It also masks both bitterness and medicinal o -notes with equal ease.

So much better than bitter
The innovative high intensive sweetener is exceptionally well suitedfor pharmaceutical applications. That`s why Merck has signed a global agreement with manufacturer Tate & Lyle to supply sucralose to pharmaceutical partners around the world. Merck will marketsucralose as part of its EMPROVE® product range that combines particularly high quality with comprehensive documentation and excellent service.

Why success can be so simple
Merck Sucralose is producedunder cGMP conditions, and conforms to USP NF monograph. With its complete docu mentation, reliable quality and superior product pro le, Merck’s new no-calorie sweetener can simplify your productionprocesses in a number of di erent ways, as the following chart shows. This makes it the ideal choice for pharmaceutical applications.

At last – a sweetener that’s to everybody’s taste
Sucralose hasbeen approved by US FDA as sweetener for food. FCC and USP NF monograph are established. The clean, sugar-like taste makes sucralose ideal for the use in many pharmaceutical forms and applications. Itis a valuable ingredient in liquids, syrups, suspensions or tablets wherever it is necessary to cover a bitter taste. Merck Sucralose will be available in 1 kg and 10 kg containers in micronised and...
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