Superlative adjetives

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Teacher: Roberto Nuñez Saxton

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Superlative Adjectives
An adjective is a word or phrase used to describe a noun or pronoun. A superlative adjective isused to indicate that one thing has some feature to a greater or lesser degree than all others (in a given context). For example, if Bill is 45, Ted is 27, and Amy is 43, then Bill is the oldest in thegroup.

• To show an unequal comparison, you need to use an adjective followed by a preposition such as “of”, “in”, “on”, etc. It may also be followed by the noun in which it is the greater orlesser. It may also be followed by nothing else when the context is implicit. • For superlative adjectives with one syllable, add “est” to the ending. [adjective + “est”] preposition

Example: Anika isthe tallest of the three sisters.

In this example, one thing (Anika) has one feature to a greater degree than all others (the three sisters). Directions: Fill in the spaces using the appropriatesuperlative adjective. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. That building is the __________ (tall) in the neighborhood. Aunt Janet is the __________ (old). My bicycle is the __________ (nice) thing I own. The komodo dragonis the __________ (large) lizard in the world. Mt. Denali is the __________ (high) mountain peak in North America.

Directions: Write two of you own sentences using superlative adjectives with onesyllable. 1) ____________________________________________________________

________ 2) ____________________________________________________________


• For superlative adjectives with twosyllables that end in “y”, omit the “y” and add “iest” to the end. [adjective + “iest”] preposition

Example: The elephant is the heaviest animal in Africa. Directions: Fill in the spaces usingthe appropriate superlative adjective. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Jones is always the ____________ (early) to work. Dogs are the ____________ (friendly) animals on earth. That is the ____________ (pretty) ring I...
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