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|Regular Comparatives and Superlatives |

|Comparatives and Superlatives are special forms of adjectives. They are used to compare two or more things. |
|Generally, comparatives are formed using -er and superlatives are formed using -est. This page will explain the |
|rules for formingregular comparatives and superlatives, and also show some basic ways of using them. |
|[pic] |
|Forming regular comparatives and superlatives |
|How these forms are created depends on how many syllablesthere are in the adjective. Syllables are like "sound |
|beats". For instance, "sing" contains one syllable, but "singing" contains two -- sing and ing. Here are the |
|rules: |
|Adjective form|
|Comparative |
|Superlative |
| |
|Only onesyllable, ending in E. Examples: |
|wide, fine, cute |
|Add -R: |
|wider, finer, cuter|
|Add -ST: |
|widest, finest, cutest |
|Only one syllable, with one vowel and one consonant at the end. Examples: |
|hot, big, fat |
|Double the consonant, and add -ER: |
|hotter,bigger, fatter |
|Double the consonant, and add -EST: |
|hottest, biggest, fattest |
|Only one syllable, with more than one vowel or more than one consonant at the end. Examples: |
|light, neat, fast |
|Add -ER:|
|lighter, neater, faster |
|Add -EST: |
|lightest, neatest, fastest |