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  • Publicado : 16 de noviembre de 2011
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To live sustainably, the Earth´s natural resources must be used at a rate at which they can be replenished. However, our consumer driven society is putting enormous pressure on the planet. Europe´senviromental footprint is one of the largest on the planet. If the rest of the world lived like Europeans do, it would require the resources of more than two earths to support them. Economic growthand the development of modern technologies over many decades have brought new levels of comfort tto our lives. This has led to a greater demand for products and services and, in turn, to a growingdemand for energy and resources
The way we produce and consume is contributing to many of today´s enviromental problems. Such as global warming, pollution, the depletion of natural resources andbiodiversity loss.
The impacts of our consumption are being felt globally: the EU is dependent on imports of energy and natural resources and an increasing proportion of products consumed in Europe areproduced in other of the world
Unsustainable consumption and production patterns are increasingly affecting the natural environment, society, the economy, and business. We need to live more sustainably.That means doing more with less.
Our quality of life, prosperity and economic growth depend on living within limits of the resources available. To do this we must change the way we design, make, useand dispose os products. Achieving this change will involve all of us individuals, households, business.,local, and national governments, as well as the global community.

What is sustainableconsumption and production?

Sustainable consumption and production means using natural resources and enerogy more efficiently and reducing greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental impacts. It itall about prodcuing and using products and services in a way that is least harmful to the enviroment.
The aim is to meet our basic needs for goods and services while bringing
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