Tarea de taller de sap: how to cancel user sessions massively (ingles)

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  • Publicado : 29 de enero de 2012
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El siguiente procedimiento que se hizo para un taller de SAP muestra el cómo hacer un borrado masivo de usuarios de sap, esto nos ayuda para no estar cancelando de uno en uno. El proceso está eninglés porque asi lo tuvimos que redactar para la tarea ya que el curso fue en inglés

1) Go to SM04 txn, select the “user” column, click on the“filter” button and click on the button with the yellow arrow as below screenshot:

2) After this you select all the entries of the users you would like to cancel, preferably in an excel file. 3) Click onthe “upload from clipboard” button as shown in the screenshot below (if you only do a normal “paste” then it will NOT work):

4) Click on copy ( 5) Execute.

) button

6) After this, the onlyusers that will appear in the user list (now filtered) will be only the ones you will have to cancel. Double check with only few examples (1-3) to see if the filtered list are really included in thelist provided by security team 7) After ensuring those are the ones that you want to cancel then click the following button to select all of them:

8) Go to menu user, log off user, system wide like inbelow screenshot:

9) Do the same procedure for all application servers to ensure none of the non required users are logged on.

Para cancelar de uno por uno este es el procedimiento:
Thisfunction is used to log off users that are currently logged on to the system.

The system keeps the relevant information in a session pool, so that user sessions can be quickly re-established.Entries in this pool can also be discarded.

You are already in the User List screen.

Log Off User
Select the user(s) that you want to log off.

Choose User ® Log off.You can log off the user(s) on this system only or users on all systems. If you logoff a user from the local system, any sessions of this user on other application servers in the SAP system remain...
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