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  • Publicado : 3 de noviembre de 2010
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Why Study IR? La casa del tunel
Pamela Abigail Ríos Macías

The reason why we should study international realtionshinps is because the fact that the entire population of the world is divided intoseparate territorial political communities, or independent states, which profoundly affect the way people live. And to understand this we should study IR.

This called state system involves everyman, woman and child, no one can escape from it, is the way everyone lives, and may not realize how important it is, and how it affects their lifes.

States are every each one of them is independent,but still are conected, in some sort of way, and that is why they must find a way to coexist and deal with each other, and it may no te obvious for many people such as me, but this life, called statesystem has historical roots, that makes a distinction of how it’s organized.

Just like before mention, state systems, are conected, and we are used to how it works so people expects the stateresponds to international economic environment in such a way as to enhance or at least defend and maintain the national standard of living.

This confort in what we’re living in makes us take things forgranted, and only notice when national security when a foreign power rattles its saber or engages in hostile actions against our country or one of our allies; national independence and our freedom ascitizens when peace is no longer guaranteed. We become aware of international order and justice when some states, especially major powers, abuse, exploit, denounce, or disregard international law ortrample on human rights; we become aware of national welfare and our own personal socioeconomic well-being when foreign countries or international investors use their economic clout to jeopardize ourstandard of living.

The international relations tried to find a way to prevent great power war, by finding a effective legal institution, so it could be reduce this risk of great power war....
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