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  • Publicado : 30 de diciembre de 2010
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Helen Keller was an extraordinary woman. She was blind, deaf, and dumb, yet she did so many amazing things in her life. Get ready we're going to Helen Keller's planet. One day a babygirl was born, her name was Helen Keller. She was born in Tuscumbia, Alabama on June 27, 1880. When Helen was one and a half she had Scarlet Fever, which no one could cure. Soon her fever was over,unfortunately there were bad effects, and she ended up being blind, deaf, and dumb. She also had a bad temper, which was very annoying to the rest of her family, which included mom, dad, and little sisterMildred. When she was nine she didn’t know it was her birthday. She smelled the fragrant smell of a cake (she liked sweets a lot). She came running in to try the cake but her mother stopped becauseit was supposed to be a surprise. Later she went upstairs and was mad at her mother for not giving her the cake (because she didn’t understand it was her birthday) and her family ate the cake withoutHelen. Her family couldn't stand it anymore, so they went to find a person to help her. After a few months of traveling they found a teacher, her name was Anne Sullivan. Anne helped Helen by teachingher how to speak a special sign language. Helen loved Anne almost as much as her parents. Helen’s parents felt the same way about Anne. Soon Helen went on her first vacation to Cape Cod on a train.When Helen was ten she started writing poems and stories, and reading. Her parents and Anne were fascinated, and full of joy. Helen really wanted to go to college. But she had to go to a differentschool, a school for people like her. After 4 years in that school, she graduated and was taken in by Radcliff College. She didn’t care what college it was. She only cared if she learned well. In Helen’slast year at school Anne’s eyes started to hurt but she wouldn’t stop helping Helen. John Massey, a teacher like Anne, started helping Helen instead. Helen thought that John was fond of Anne. She was...
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