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  • Publicado : 15 de marzo de 2011
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I was born in the second of may of 1991, my father is Martin Morales and my mother Yaneth Rodriguez, I borned in the hospital San Pedro Clavel the west of Bogota, when I borned , my father was 23,and my mother 24.
I borned one week later to the date, therefore I have respiratory troubles. When I was 3 months, I sick to Chickenpox. I was a big baby, and I cried so much. I lived my first fiveyears in the grandmother´s house, in where, we lived whit my two aunts, my grandmother and grand father, one of my aunts had a daughter. But when I was two years old, my brother borned, he calledDavid.
I began my garden in 1994, in one I stealed fruits from the kitchen, the teacher knows this and she left the fruit more down. In 1996 I was in primero in the school Antonio Carreño Silva where Ilearned to read and wrote, I remember that in this school, I began to like everything about of colors and pictures, here I only stayed one year the next year we had to moved to Villavicencio because thework of dad, was a difficult change especially for the weather, here we lived one year, and in one I studied Segundo (o se dice comun y corriente SECOND) in the school PIO XII, then this year wewent back to Bogota, this time because the weather of Villavicencio had sick to my mom. We back at the grandmother’s house, I was responsible, tender and spoiled girl when I was in tercero I had a chancein a television program, where I said that like me and others things about me.
For the next year I was lived in a flat in Suba whit my mother, my father and my brother, was here in where I livedthree years, those years were the best of my childhood because we were fine emotionally, but in the end of seventh grade my parents were separed therefore my mom, my brother and me were in the flatwithout money and alone. Then we had pass for many troubles, was there when we entrenched our relationship.
For eighth grade I was in a school next to center of town; I studied in the afternoon and...
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