Teaching peace in the english class

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  • Publicado : 8 de diciembre de 2011
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The education in Mexico is very desvaloralizada and coverall is no a respect on the part of thestudents towards the teachers and of the teachers towards such students; I do not know how we can be dared to demand a respect that we havenot gained and coverall that we preached badly with the example.
The film in certain way I leave a little disturbed since in somecountries the reality is harder but in spite of that they they try to improve it thing that in Mexico are not made here nor and l but minimumattempt to fix it; everything is in the hands of the education that is distributed in house and this it is reinforced in the school.
Ilike much the philosophy of the teacher who came from Canada; although narrow channel had passed through a very tragic episode she it ofa way very healthy and coverall with its experience tries to help the young people so that they do not repeat he himself error.
In thesecondary ones of Mexico teaching would be due to distribute peace so that the adolescents take it as a model and to them becomes easy toadapt it to its daily life and this becomes a chain, so that as it knows well the violence is just by learned to watch it; without encambioLa Paz it must more teach to be able to take it I finish.

Martínez Oviedo Thania
Ingles 3° semester
2 de diciembre del 2009
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