Teaching styles

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Teaching styles

The Innovative Teacher
Innovative teachers prepare students for success by emphasizing 21st century skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, andcollaboration. They motivate their students by creating authentic learning experiences that are grounded in core academic content and enhanced through technology.

Innovative teaching model:
Assessing Needsand Planning Instruction
Examining desired student outcomes and existing curricula, teacher and consultant develop a problem- or inquiry-based learning experience that allows students to learn andapply academic content and skills to real situations. They also develop alternative assessments designed to capture more complex learning.
What the teacher should do: What the student should do:
•Encourage students to formulate definitions and explain concepts in their own words
• Ask students to justify (give evidence) his statements and ideas
• Delivery of formal definitions, explanationsand new concepts
• Use the explanations of the students, their experiences as the basis for its explanation of concepts
• Encourage students to apply or extend the concepts and skills to newsituations
• Remind students alternative explanations
• Ask students about the data / information collection: What do you already know? Why do you think that?
• Use the concepts, definitions andexplanations to face a similar situation
• Use what they know to ask questions, propose solutions, make decisions, and design experiments
• Add their comments, information and explanations
• Drawreasonable conclusions from the evidence collected
• Compare their understanding with their peers

In-Class Coaching
Teacher and consultant set individual goals to improve practice in one or more of thefollowing critical areas: instruction, use of new technology, classroom management, and alternative assessment strategies. Something that can link all of this aspects together is the connectivism...
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