Teatro vs. cine

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The Value of Theatre
Theatre was born in Greece, but before its origin other theatrical manifestations already existed in the world such as: dances, ballet, prehistoric mimics, and tribes, among others; that were and are still part of scenic art. Theatre is a way to express satisfaction, joy, have fun and eliminate stress. Nowadays, the main capital of huge theatres is BROADWAY, which is in NewYork City, the American theatre industry. PICTURE 1. It is recognized for having thirty nine theatres in the city. This is a place where people value this art a lot. Many good actresses, actors and plays are made at BROADWAY. Not too far away from Broadway, in Latin America, the most recognized theatrical countries are Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, Cuba, and Chile. Latin American theatre wasinfluenced by Spanish theatre from long ago. People with culture know the truth, reality and how this art works. Thanks to theatre, technology has been improving and now we have another way to enjoy the art of acting:“film”, but theatre has also evolved by technology and new methods. That is why film has taken its place and become more popular, but theatre cannot be left behind. The art ofacting began at theatres; it helps us to express ourselves, and develops lack of inhibition. We should rescue theatre industry because it is more real and concrete; it is spontaneous, and it is related to our culture.
The first reason why theatre should be rescued is because it is more realistic and concrete than film. Both film and theatre have their differences and similarities. Comparing film totheatre, “Film is often considered to be pleasure” (Brown 1) PICTURE 2. It is a simple picture of theatre. Film is easy to believe, it is more expensive to produce than a play; that is why it is more of a director’s medium. Film can be rehearsed many times until the director gets it exactly, film production uses a lot of special effects; usually the cast is under a lot of pressure. On the otherhand, “Theatre is considered to be work!” (Brown 1). It can create illusions and it always involves audience. The production lasts one day, it is a short period performance; in other words, it is ephemeral. In theatre, actors need to rehearse for weeks and at the end the director should trust their performers on stage. Theatre remains a writer’s medium. “It is like writing history with lightning”(wordpress.com 3). In general, theatre has more freedom and the answer from the audience is immediate. Audience helps to guide the work done. Plays are always the same, but always different.
Theatre and film have their strengths, both describe the inner life of a character, and they have the same value. When an artist performs, it does not matter if he/she does it on stage or in front of thecamera, because acting is a gift; real art comes from the actor. If the actor is really passionate, it would not matter where he/she acts, because he/she puts his/her heart and soul on what he/she is doing. Theatre and film are considered a very artistic way to express reality. Revaluing theatre will help appreciate art a little bit more, introducing people back to theatre, and enjoying the real acting.The second reason that supports theatre more than film is because of its creativity; it involves better communication and uses a lot of expressions. Being spontaneous is the basic format of acting PICTURE 3. What is the truth according to theatre? Time and space, producing and acting, the reality of characters, lightning and sound.CHART 1. The creators say that the most important feature intheatre and even in life is creating, due to the capacity of every person to develop creative imagination that will involve the actor to be part of the audience. “Actors act the stories told by the audience at that moment. The direction is the bond between them and the audience, creating an environment that allows a person to tell his/her own stories. Make questions about it, supporting the...
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